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Shea Butter - A Kitten's Best Friend

The benefits of this nutrient dense and luxurious commodity have been known for centuries. In ancient times, royalty of the Middle East and Africa would slather shea butter all over their body, hair, and face to keep them looking young and beautiful. No longer is this an exclusive product accessible only to the elites and the wealthy! Shea butter is made from nuts contained in the fruits of the Shea Tree in West Africa. This particular extract is known, as it was in ancient times, for it's amazing ability to provide deep penetrating moisture, repair and prevent stretch marks, dark marks, and reduce inflammation. Shea butter is the main ingredient of our products. Marrying shea butter- which on it's own provides jaw-dropping benefits- with other complimenting high quality ingredients has created a body butter which is as nourishing as it is fabulous.

Why Combine Glitter With Natural Ingredients?

The Purple Kitten is committed to delivering high quality products that don't rob you of the joy of glitter simply because you crave a natural product! What a shame that would be. Just take a look at the high quality, moisturizing, natural ingredients we use and see why our products give you that glitter and oh so much more! Each carefully selected base ingredient feeds the skin in it's own unique and necessary fashion. We think you should sparkle and shine when you wish. Our nourishing ingredients can be used as an expression of your glamour and whimsy, all while STILL being beneficial for your skin!

How Does Our Body Butter Provide That Bronzing Tint?

Mica powder! This is a naturally occuring mineral which boasts beautiful, sparkling flakes when ground down. The subtle and unique pigment which it provides, will look a little different on every Kitten. We find that all skin tones look especially gorgeous and healthy with a little touch of this tinting ingredient. Fairer to medium skin tones will be given a touch of bronze color, while medium dark to deeper skin tones will be given a gorgeous golden glow. Always take care to check for allergies- but mica powder is generally non-irritating and soft on the skin!


I've tried all four body butters and I can never go back to any other moisturizer! They make me feel amazing and my husband keeps telling me how soft my skin feels. They have just the right amount of glitter and a little goes a long way so the jars last a while. I will get Purple Kitten products again and again.

Alicia N.

This body butter is awesome! I use the silver. It's sparkly and the smell is fabulous! I love how my skin feels. My husband uses the vanilla on his beard and elbows. He loves it! You should definitely try it. It is all natural and great for your skin.

Therisa H.

It's really nice! Rich but not greasy at all. The fragrance is light and clean smelling and it gave my legs a tiny bit of color and a faint sparkle!!! Love it!

Katrina K.