About Us

     Once upon a time in a distant land of whimsy and sunshine called Northern California- a young lady named Sierra decided to lay out and soak up some rays to get a little color as a layer of protection before taking to a weekend full of adventure that would include hiking and lake going in the blazing California sunshine. She definitely wanted to look and feel her best and avoid burning! She worked hard for that little bit of color - oh yes she did! - her skin now desperately needed some life returned to it, as the sun's rays can of course be quite damaging. She genuinely desired to avoid the appearance of a shriveled up grape if at all possible! It was clear that immediate action was necessary! 

     With great haste, she began scouring the internet in search of a moisturizing and nutrient rich product with glitter (her favorite) and natural ingredients to enhance the appearance of her luscious, sun-given tan. Sadly, she was left wanting. The lady has always had a keen interest in natural skin and health care and didn't want to use an expensive product full of ingredients she could not pronounce nor knew of their effects! It was then determined that it would be her best option to put her creative skills to the test and come up with a product that could be used for occasions such as this!

     A bagged brick of shea butter laid on the night stand next to her bed.. it was her favorite moisturizing agent- usually used after a good scrub on her heels to keep them from getting dry in harsh winter months. It was quickly decided that this would be the main ingredient in her skin care creation! She had a cabinet full of natural remedies; and with a dribble of this and a drizzle of that, a healthy sprinkle of glitter and tint- and VOILA! There was just enough for 3 small, sparkling jars. Upon application it was realized this butter went a really long way! She did not want to waste the other jars! How could she NOT share?

Impressed with her creation, she took this as the perfect gifting opportunity. She gave one jar to her best friend- who planned to attend the weekend adventure with her, one to her mother, and of course she then had to make more to give to her mother in law, who seemed the biggest fan of all! This would be the day which turned into a full on demand for the luxurious butter. Friends and family wanted more and expressed their appreciation of a butter that left their skin hydrated for days after using it! 

     It took a moment for her to gather her wits and muster the courage to start branching out with her beloved butters into a legitimate business... people really do love it!, she consoled her cautious mind. The Purple Kitten body butters have been handmade in her kitchen ever since. Irony and a good laugh is great medicine and so I shall have you know that this poor lass is incredibly allergic to cats, as adorable as they are! However, The Purple Kitten embodied an image that was undeniably perfect for the brand and spoke to this girl at the heart: a sassy and unique representation for women of all walks, shapes, skin tones, and personality types! Try our body butters today, support small business, and become yourself, a Smitten Kitten! :)